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The recycling and repurposing possibilities are endless!

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The recycling and repurposing ideas are endless!

Like every day, when I spent more than a half  day on the internet, digging and searching for inspiration , I collected things that I found the most interesting and inspiring.  For DIY lovers like me, here are some really cool crafty ideas how to repurpose  old or just useless things  , and make something new and beautiful. Check out this gallery, find what you like, and below are the links with sources where you can find more informations and tutorials. Hope you like it and don’t forget to pin it! 🙂

1. Button Lampshade

2. DIY chandelier bird feeder

3. Neat tire seats!

4. Apple crates make wall shelves

5. Step ladder as bedside table.

6. Pallet Project

7. Shelves made from old coffee table

8. Suspended lamp made out of recycled graters 

9. Painter’s palette from an old window by Pretty Handy Girl – gorgeous!

10. Best idea ever. This momma saved her son’s artwork, photographed it, turned it black and white, increased the size, and traced it onto a plain white duvet cover.

11. Re-staining wood table. I love this idea!!!

12. Shoe Storage that is Fun and Functional

13. Use a pallet to hang your flower pots. Fun idea!

14. DIY garden swing

15. Oversized Poster Tutorial (Easiest Tutorial Ever!)

16. Take an old picture frame, choose a fun fabric for the background, frame a small picture (they used greeting cards in this one), and attach to the fabric.

17. Vintage Map Paper Flower Bouquet of Europe

18. Personalized Wreath

19. Miniatures in a Jar

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