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Unusual Uses for Everyday Things!

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Believe me, everyday items you have in your house, are also hidden treasures! I have found ingenious tips and tricks how to make the most of what you’ve got! Save your money, save time, and use ordinary things for everyday problems. Here are part one ! Soon, I’ll prepare more awesome advices! 🙂

Unusual Uses for Tennis Balls

You can protect your  floors ! Just cut an X into the top of a tennis ball and insert the offending leg into the warm embrace of the tennis ball. Then, tennis balls make a GREAT replacement for dryer sheets with regard to fluffication. To fluff towels, toss in a tennis ball!   Sometimes it can be difficult to pull into one’s garage without crashing into the back wall.  Here is the trick : Hang a string with tennis ball attached from where you think it will hit the center of your windshield or the spot right in front of the driver, and stop when you hit the tennis ball as you drive into your garage! Then , tennis balls can be used as stuff holders! Just cut a slit into the side of the tennis ball.

Unusual Uses for Cheap Vodka 

Inexpensive vodka can be an excellent replacement for pricier products that do the same thing. Spritz down your garments with a vodka dilution between dry cleaning to remove odors! Unfortunately, this does nothing for stains.  A small spray bottle with vodka and water is the perfect solution for cleaning your glasses. Next thing you can do , is to combine cheap vodka with a few drops of cinnamon, spearmint, or tea tree oil and let sit for two weeks, to kill the germs that cause bad breath! Add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to water to keep freshly cut flowers looking great!  A vodka dilution makes a great window-cleaning solution.  Combine vodka and water in a spray bottle and use newspapers for a perfect, streak-free finish!

 Unusual Uses for Butter

If you  don’t have any oil, you can stop a door from squeaking by rubbing a little butter on the hinge! Butter is excellent for treating skin irritations like a nasty rash, or other types of damaged /dry  skin. Butter is also be an excellent substitute for hair conditioners. It provides essential amino acids to fine, limp hair. Butter also keeps cuticles soft and flexible, and fingernails less brittle. One more thing, stop pasta water from boiling over by adding a knob of butter to the water when boiling!

Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

Hair dryer can be used for removing stickers and price tags. The hot hair from a hair dryer will loosen a price tag or sticker making removal super easy. Getting candle wax on wood furniture can be a nightmare to get off .  The best way to remove it is to heat it back up.  Blow medium heat on the wax until it starts to melt then wipe away with a cloth. With hair dryer you can easily remove crayon marks from walls because crayons are made out of wax, blow dryers remove wax, thus blow dryers remove crayons.



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