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Creative and Clever Global Warming Posters

Atlas Holding Our World (Image Credit: Karim Fakhoury)

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With the ever-increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere from as early as the late 19th century, nature is sending us signals to do something about global warming. We humans have a tendency to neglect obvious signs and this is probably why warning messages of global warming are only surfacing in the recent years when we could have intervened a hundred years ago.

On a lighter side , I’m glad that artists are doing their part and taking a stand to highlight the effects of global warning while using this as a platform to express their creativity. As people become more aware of the dangers and complications that will come from global warming, the demand for such awe-inducing posters will certainly rise. From these art pieces, we can briefly appreciate the beauty and vulnerability of Mother Nature, and her impending wrath if we continue to disrespect Earth.

I’d like to showcase just some of the most unique global warming warning posters out there on the Web.

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