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Tips for a Great Brochure

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As one of the most widely used graphic designer’s product, brochures are present in all spheres of our lives. Since their main role is to attract attention to the product that is being featured , they need to be aesthetically attractive and quite catchy in order to give as much punch as possible. Creativity plays the main role there. Interesting and creative design is very important and there is a lot of things that should be considered in order to design a quality brochure.

First, though it looks more like a marketing director’s role, designer needs to know what population he is targeting so he can adjust the design according to that. If it’s mainly a younger population or kids it’s more likely that he will use some bright and eye appealing colours. On the other side, if it’s some serious campaign it requires more elegant and serious design. As much as colours are important, they should never draw attention of the product. The same rule can be applied to the text and picture layout. The main purpose of brochure is to emphasize all the main features of the product that it is representing and not vice versa.  Brochures are being made to present a product, not to be a piece of art for themselves and a good designer should never forget that.

Shape and size is very important. There is a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from but in order to make a recognizable brochure, designer can break the rule and choose something unique in both size and shape. That’s what separates the good designer from an average one.

Quality of the material that the brochure will be printed on is of greatest importance. After all, no matter how good the design is, the brochure will get in somebodies hand and it needs to feel right. Higher quality paper will also help making a better impression of the product or a brand.

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