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Crystal Skull Halloween Martini Recipe

When hosting your Halloween party this year, try to get creative with your cocktails. You can choose a few signature drinks for guests to choose from to cut down on costs, or have an open bar with a little bit of everything.

To be budget-friendly and also creative, we like to serve a few themed cocktails with creative names for our guests to choose from. You only need to buy a few ingredients rather than stocking a whole bar and your friends will love a colorful themed cocktail to go with their costume.

We like to call this drink the Crystal Skull for two reasons – one, we used Crystal Head Vodka as the bottle is perfect for a Halloween bar, and two because of the fun ice cubes we garnish the drink with. The deep red color the cranberry juice added to the mix really helps your skull and crossbones ice cubes pop!


One part Crystal Head Vodka (we love this brand because the bottle is a skull and can easily be displayed at the bar during your Halloween party)

One part Cointreau

Three parts cranberry juice (we prefer a no sugar added brand because we like this cocktail to be a little on the tart side)

A bottle of Perrier Lime


In your cocktail shaker, add a good amount of ice. Top with a shot of the Crystal Head Vodka, a shot of Cointreau and three shots of cranberry juice. Add a splash of Perrier Lime and shake. Pour into a martini glass and add a few skull and cross bone ice cubes.

Serving Size: Makes 1 drink


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