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Witch’s Brew Iced Tea Halloween Drink

This witch’s brew iced tea cocktail is a great Halloween party drink, not only because you can make it the day before the party, but also because it allows your guests to play bartender when their glass runs dry. It’s a spooktastic drink that your guests and ghouls will die for!

Sweet, tart and all dressed up for the special occasion, this Halloween cocktail isn’t the usual green potion, but it does burst with gummy worms and bite! Follow this simple recipe for a tasty brew straight from the witch’s cauldron.


15 ounces of Good Earth Spiced Iced Tea
5 ounce of vodka
Handful of Gummy Worms for garnish


Start your drink with the basics. Begin brewing the iced tea according to the packet instructions and allow it to cool in the refrigerator. Once chilled, add the vodka to the ice tea brew and mix well before returning it to your refrigerator. Once the party begins, bring out the Witches Brew Iced Tea. Fill your tall glasses with ice, pour in the potent iced tea and garnish with wiggly worms before serving. Any witch would agree that these drinks are perfectly spooky for any Halloween occasion! Enjoy responsibly!

(via Celebrations)


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