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Creepy Red Eyed Crow Halloween Cocktail

Ever see those Halloween decorations with a creepy crow looking out at you with a red eye? Well, that’s the inspiration for this yummy Halloween cocktail recipe.

Sweet, fizzy and bursting with bright red cherries, this potent Halloween drink is a great cocktail to have at any party bar because everyone knows how to make it and the ingredients are easy to come by. 


4 ounces of cola
1 ounce of cherry Vodka
Splash of Grenadine
Cherries for garnish


In a tall glass, place 3 cherries at the bottom and splash a small amount of Grenadine over them.

Add ice and then pour in the vodka and cola before garnishing with a speared cherry on top.

NOTE: Layering the Grenadine and ice first will give the bottom of the glass the red tint as seen in the photo.


(via Celebrations)



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