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La Tour Paris 13 – An Exhibition By 100 Street Artists!

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If you are heading to Paris this October – there’s a new art show to add to your list. You may even want to skip the Louvre.
Mehdi Cheikh, the founder of Galerie Itinerrance, which specializes in urban contemporary art has curated a collective exhibition by 105 street artists from 18 countries. The Galerie Itinerrance obtained use of the building before its demolition in 2014 and invited  artists from all over the world to decorate freely on the inside and outside of the building. 36 apartments were entirely painted and the artists each had their own area to work. In total more than 4500 square meters of street art were created.
The gallery is in a Parisian Building and has free public entry until the end of the month. Parisians and tourists alike, are lining up for the chance check out the art—which will be destroyed along with the building later this year to make way for a new housing project.

For artist lists and a map of the works, visit


Photos: Jeanne-Marie Laurent, copyright 2013


Tour Paris 13

Rue Fulton, Paris 75013

Open 12 to 8 pm, every day except Mondays until 31st October, 2013

Entry is free

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