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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas: Centerpieces, Table Settings, Fall Wreaths And More!

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, but you still have time to make adorable centerpieces for your table . Here,  I’ve gathered examples where you can find how to combine pumpkins, wheat, pinecones, gourds, candles, leaves and other things to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will last throughout the fall and even longer. Set the mood for your holiday celebration with our creative decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, including centerpieces, table settings,  fall wreaths, and more!

The main element of any Thanksgiving day is a holiday table and if you want to make an impression on your guests you should  make  a very beautiful table.   To decorate your holiday table you could use flowers, colorful leaves, vegetables, fruits. Make yourself a beautiful centerpiece combining usual fruits, several autumn flowers and lovely candles and of course add a small accessories in shape of turkey.   Don’t forget to use some candles – they always bring a feeling of coziness.    Put the candles into apples or small pumpkins, decorate the candles with peas, leaves or corn. You can also use some candles in the shapes of pumpkins or leaves. Choose the candles in traditional bright autumn colors – and you’ll feel cozier and your place would look stylish.

A tradition to decorate the house with fall wreaths made of dry flowers and fruit is a very ancient one. Such a tradition existed back in the ancient Rome. It was kept through centuries and now we use wreaths for decoration of our homes on Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, how can we decorate our home with a wreath and keep being original? Remember of all the vegetables, leaves and fruit that the first colonists could pick – pears, grapes, pumpkins, peppers, any berries. You may use dry flowers or even ribbons. To create a chandelier with a wreath is a great idea – add candles, colorful berries – and your chandelier will be the most original! If you don’t want a big one – make just smaller variants and hang them in the house or use to decorate candle holders. Being original and stylish is up to you, bring colors to your Thanksgiving dinner!



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