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15 Things Every Cozy Bedroom Needs!

Does your bedroom need a quick decorating makeover?  Or you just crave new decoration ideas? Create a haven of rest and relaxation with these carefully picked things we found to be most popular among many urban dwellers!


1. A Plush Shag Rug  

Sometimes you need an area rug just to cover ugly floors, to keep downstairs neighbours from hearing you walk around, but most likely you want to give your home an extra dose of cozy! A plush shag rug in a pretty color can provide exactly what you need. Keep in mind when buying, the density is the most important component of a shag rug – it translates to the most luxurious and comfortable feeling! 


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2. All-season Duvet Insert

Cover your bed with a mega fluffy, ultra-soft all-season duvet insert, because being cozy isn’t just for wintertime. It is basically the thing that makes a bed worth staying in all day long! Once you’ve got one, you’re just a fiddle leaf fig and a cuddly dog short of Instagram-ready breakfast in bed. Keep in mind – among many important comforter criteria is fluffiness! 


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3. Floral Duvet Cover

Bring chic, floral-inspired design to your bedroom. Floral pattern brings the perfect whimsical touch to your home and more fun to simple solid color duvet cover set.


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4. Moon Lamp

This thing is more amazing than it even looks online!  The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect ambience for a relaxing night or a romantic date.


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5. Kate and Laurel Rhodes 6-Sided Hexagon Wall Mirror

A unique shaped mirror like this hexagon shaped mirror will create beautiful, visual interest in any room. The modern, sophisticated style is an artistic look on its own and is sure to match your home decor!


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Speaking of hexagons…


6. Hexagon Jewelry Box

Display your precious treasures in this hexagon-shaped jewelry box! 



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7. Modern Marble Nightstand

These little beauties can easily be added next to the sofa or near the bed. The reasons for using marble in interiors have not changed over the centuries: It is beautiful, practical and frankly luxurious! 


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8. HAITRAL Modern Table Lamp

Both practical and decorative, table lamps are an easy and stylish way to layer the light in any space. In addition to providing light, modern table lamps can also enhance the decor of a room with unique shapes, bold colors, and artistic designs.


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9. Geometric Terrarium Container

Ok now we’re being obsessed with geometric stuff but hey it is modern and chick, we can’t help it! 


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10. Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-poms 

These colorful pillows are edged in tassels for a playful touch in your outdoor seating area. Thus they are as comfy pillows to make you want to bury yourself in!


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11. Floral Wall Sticker

Turn your space into a virtual herb garden with these floral decals. These dazzling and luscious flowers will light up any room!


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12. Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

Bohemian chic hammock style swing brings style and unique touch to any home.  Ideal for all ages and ideal bedrooms, gardens, courtyards, portraits, or beaches that can be used for any external or internal space.


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13. Elie Macramé Hanging Shelf

Calling all hippies! The artistic flair of a bohemian home is unconventional and takes many of its style ideas from various regions and cultures. Some of these include India, Morocco, Asia and other Eastern influences. How can you add the boho-chic vibe to your home? Here’s how!


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14. Hamsa Ring Dish Holder 

Shaped like a Hamsa hand, it’s a fresh, stylish and fortuitous accent for your countertop or vanity.


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15. Jessica Simpson Faux Fur House Slipper

These will keep your toes warm and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. And because everyone should own a pair of these classics at some point in their lives!


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