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20 Insanely Cool Ways To Decorate With Branches

Creative wall design simply made from tree branches attached to the wall and painted

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Decorate with branches on a new super cool way!

Branches and twigs may sound like totally useless material when we speak about home decoration, but actually, they can be used very well. At first, I saw how people use branches as a coat racks or hooks, but later I found out there is a lot of creative ideas I really like indeed.  If you adore the rustic natural style, then you should consider decorating with branches definitely. Check out this gallery and tell me what you think about this ideas! If you wanna go further exploring this unique home decor style,  don’t miss  How to turn wood logs and tree stumps into unique accessories and Wood Log DIY Ideas we wrote about previously!


Sources :

  1. DIY – wooden coat rack from a branch (A designer life)
  2. Creative wall design simply made from tree branches attached to the wall and painted. (via Facebook)
  3.  If the branch was large enough it could also make a cute towel rack or curtain rod (via Vrijdag Vrij)
  4. Birch Headboards (via Houzz)
  5. Painted branch hooks (via Brit + Co)
  6. DIY Branch Ladder (via At Home In Love)
  7. Branches shelf as a handy towel rack. (via Martha Stewart)
  8. The rough, driftwood mirror and lamp are an ideal pair. (via Wunderweib)
  9. Hang crystals from a branch for a glamorous, light-reflecting statement over your dining room table. (via Belgian Pearls)
  10. Pompoms and yarn-wrapped sticks make a creative piece of art for a little girl’s room or craft studio. (via Jen Loves Kev)
  11. Crafty hooks for hanging everything from mugs to jewelry. (via Homedit)
  12. Pendant Light made with branches (via Design Sponge)
  13. Ultra rustic dresser outfitted with twisted tree roots and a lamp made from driftwood. (via Better Homes and Gardens)
  14. For wall art with dimension, hang a twisty, tangly branch on the wall. Try manzanita branches, which are characterized by their forked, spindly tines.  (via Better Homes and Gardens)
  15.  Paint a hefty branch any color you want and hang it from the ceiling. (via Susan Astray)
  16. Whole branches for creating bedroom or rustic vignette. (via Antique Home Decor)
  17. Pretty chandelier with little lights or candles tied to the branches. (via Ruffled)
  18. Poster bed made from birch trees. (via Houzz)
  19. Curly branches as an interesting decor piece for your coffee table or side table. (via Skonahem)
  20. Pink branches as a gorgeous decoration on a wedding table. (via Ruffled)

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