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The Most Awesome Night Lights To Buy Or DIY

40. Night Light Slippers

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1. Baby Birdhouse Lamp 

2. A Tiny Baseboard Mouse House 

3. Bird in a Jar Nightlights 

4. The Fried Egg Night Light  

5. Gummy Bear Night Light 

6. Giraffe Wall Light  

7. DIY Cloud Night Light 

8. “Moon in My Room” actually shows the phases of the moon

9. The Constellation Tortoise projects glowing stars onto the ceiling

10. Color-Changing Rods 

11. Bunny Night Light  

12. Blue Bird Night Light  

13. Hedgehog Night Light 

14. Balloon Night Light

15. Cloud Night Light with Stars  

16. Rechargeable Shell Night Light  

17. Galaxy Night Light  

18. Rope Lighting Under Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

19. Portable Night Owl Night Light 

20. Solar Night Light

21. Panda Night Light  

22. DIY Pyramid LED Night Light 

23. DIY Rope Rug Night Light 

24. DIY House Night Light

25. DIY Birdcage Lamp with Curtains 

26. Soft Orb Light

27. Solar Lights in a Jar 

28. “Love You” Night Light 

29. Birds of Snow Light Box

30. Color-Changing Orb Night Light

31. DIY Vintage Camera Night Light

32. Light Box Night Lights

33. Bookmark Night Light

34. The Minecraft Night Light

35. DIY Illuminated Canvas Light

36. Mushroom Plant Night Light

37. Starry Night Egg Night Light

38. Hedgehog Night Light 

39. DIY Pom Pom Lamp 

40. Night Light Slippers

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