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Awesome Wall Murals To Make Your Room Come Alive

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Decorating your room can either be a really fun project or a complete nightmare – and if you lack ideas and time, then this task has got “trouble” written all over it. Whichever way, Eazy Wallz has got a great solution for you: photographic wall murals that can make your dull room come alive!

I have to confess, I haven’t tried them myself, but the examples on Eazy Wallz website look absolutely incredible. They can instantly teleport you to any place in the world, be it Africa or Paris, or lift you up to the clouds to see the panorama of New York. The lightly textured Eazy Wallz murals not only are as thin canvas, they also don’t rip, wrinkle, tear or stretch. According to their website, they’re also easy to install, as the peal-and-stick feature gives you more than one shot at sticking them nicely.

Has anyone tried them? Are they as good as they look?

(via BoredPanda)

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