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Colorful Home Decor Ideas

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Yesterday I stumbled on this quote : “Most people start out wanting to go for their fantasy, but end up painting their walls dove-white.” said by interior decorator Rayman Boozer .  It can have deep meaning for sure.  But if we want to live our fantasy and make our life joyful and colorful, we can start from space around us !  Home is place where we spent the most of our time and it has to be pleasant and cozy. Bring some vibrant colors into your home and shatter monotony and dullness.  If you are not bold enough to paint your walls with these kinds of colors,  there are plenty of other ways to cheer up your space!  Instead of walls, consider painting or buying colorful furniture for example.  More easier is to try this combination  – monochrome couch with lots of multicolored pillows.  Next idea is to refresh your walls with patterned wallpapers, or with colorful art hung  on the wall. Hey, and don’t forget flowers! 🙂


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