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DIY Ideas: Decorate Your Blank Walls!

Artsy Calendars: Who says calendars can't function as artwork, too?

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Turn your bare walls into instant eye candy with these 20 decorative and functional ideas!  It’s amazing how blank walls are transformed when almost anything is hung on them! They immediately burst to life, making a room feel homey and lived in rather than sterile and impersonal. Fill them with fun, decorative ideas or functional space savers. Either way – there are lots of options for making them interesting. Here are 20 ideas on how to turn empty walls into eye candy!



  1. Artsy Calendars
  2. Soothing Solution
  3. Headboard Art
  4. Upper Gallery
  5. Art of Grandeur
  6. Wall Letters
  7. USA Wall Art
  8. Paint Chip Heart Art
  9. Shoebox Wall Art
  10. Quilled Monogram
  11. Giant Fringe Monogram
  12. Gold Dipped Feathers
  13. Embroidery Hoop Art
  14. Honeycomb Wall
  15. Lip Print Wall Art
  16. Baskets clustered together
  17. Corner Shelves
  18. Put a Pin in It
  19. DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror
  20. Accent Wall and Faux Painted Backsplash!

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