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Gorgeous decorations with butterflies

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I suggest a master class on making butterflies, which can be used not only for decoration of walls, as well as for the festive table decoration, gifts and holidays!

Prepare a beautiful paper, glue, wire, wire cutters, scissors, pencil. On paper, draw sketches of butterfly wings. Choose size as desired and pattern of butterfly wings. Copy the sketch on a beautiful paper, which will be combined with the surface on which these butterflies will be “live.” Do loop of wire, which is slightly smaller than the top of the wing. Just do the lower part and the opposite side of the butterfly, twisting wire, respectively. Glue the wings of butterflies. Overturn and paper wings impose wings made of wire. In the center of the wire drip glue and impose one side of paper wings.Just glue another side wings. Merge with wire wings. Now you need to dry the butterflies. Wire bonded between the paper and makes it possible to attach the wings of a different shape.

Another option diversity interior butterflies

We need:

  1. Bright glossy paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Double sided tape.
  4. Photo Frame.
  5. Or butterfly pattern butterfly pattern or printed.

The concept is simple. Take a bright page of a glossy magazine. Cut into strips with a width of your tie. Try to cut out butterflies of different widths, it is much variety to the composition. Spread the approximate composition while without the tape. When it is determined with the final version, sadite on double sided tape. Tip: To make the composition more lively, do like tiers – between the paper and paste butterfly little foam, and again on tape.  Insert this in the frame – and enjoy this beauty!





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