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The Untold Secrets To Mastering Rustic Home Decor!

DIY Industrial Side Table

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Picture your rustic home decor on top. Read this and make it so!

Rustic industrial decor style might look rural, a little bit retro, or unfinished, but if you do it on a right way, you can achieve modern and chic elegance. Modern furniture pieces that are designed to look older may look richer then they really are.  A lot of materials you will be needed, are cheap and may be found in your garage junk. But if you enjoy,  you could visit antique shop or flea market as well, to try to find pieces that will match your wanted style.

Where to start?  One common part of rustic decorating style are pipes and galvanized metal. How to age galvanised metal you can see at Rescuing the old and worn, there is a pretty nice tutorial there. Then, a rustic home wouldn’t be complete without a fireplace. Fireplace will definitely make your space inviting, cozy and warm. Gain the element of fire in other ways too, with candles and fire pits for example.

As one of the crucial materials for achieving rustic look, wood, twigs, tree stumps are practically free. Innovative yet simple, pieces made from reclaimed lumber and wooden dowels are perfect match! And don’t forget mason jars! Mason jar chandelier can be very easy to diy.

We already have two articles with DIY ideas for rustic style:  20 Unique DIY Ideas For Rustic Industrial Decor Style & Embrace Your Rustic Home Decor Style  but here is more! I tried to find new fresh ideas, you haven’t seen before. Take a look at gallery and I hope these ideas will inspire you!





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