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The Most Ingenious Bathroom Organisation Tips In One Place!

Using small painted mason jars to hold little bathroom items

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Bathroom organization has never been easier!

You can have the perfectly organized bathroom with just little effort and with these simple practical organization tips! Bathroom as the smallest room in house , but yet full of  little items , can easily became messy.  Save space and transform your bathroom into comfort relaxing room. 

  • For the beginning , shelves! Vertical space is usually unused but very valuable.  Corner shelves are perfect for small spaces and what’s the best they are very cheap or easy to diy. Reuse old shelves you have here and there around the house, and upcycle it! Colour them, cover with neat fabric and viola! Use in bathroom for storage!
  • Baskets are always a good choice for cooking up clutter in a pretty way! You could hang them on the wall above the toilet and use that free space or use them as a hidden storage under the sink?
  • Hooks are just perfect because it’s always easier to hang towels  then to fold them. Pretty much easier to manage for kids as well! Be creative, and personalise them by hanging your kids photos above each hook! Useful to know which one is who’s and pretty decoration in the same time!
  • Upcycling on it’s best! I am sure you didn’t think you could use cake stand in the bathroom, but yes you do! Use it to storage hair products and lotions! And what about flowers hanger? Yep, fold and storage towels vertically in flower hanger, decorative and creative right?
  • Use a colorful paper to brings some dimension to the blank walls of the closet!




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