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Ultimate Steps to Make Your Home Decor Bloom This Summer

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Step one: Make it green!

Did you know that 2017  has been proclaimed the year of the greenery shade by the Pantone Institute? So, let it grow! Don’t be afraid to bring your garden inside the house.  Even if it’s a small apartment, there is a plenty of suitable ideas for decorating and growing a little space of your own, check this post: Creating Miniature GardensAfter all, it even doesn’t have to be a garden or potted plant, it can be a garland or hoop wreath. This season go for something different and definitely unique! 

Now let’s think about fresh flowers.  

Lauren Conrad, an authority on lifestyle and interior décor, advises putting one kind of flowers in one vase. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Of course, if you are one who is always in search for something unusual, check this Floral Vase Wall Hanging, charming and gorgeous way to display fresh flowers in your home.

A TIP: If you want cut flowers to last longer, you can easily make your own “flower food” by mixing water with sugar, lemon or lime juice, and household bleach. These three ingredients will nourish your flowers, keep their stems open, and kill bacteria that could age them prematurely. 


Step two: Bring that outside in!

Since you’re bringing the gifts of nature in, why not to do the same with furniture?  A hammock chair will awake the memories of lazy, warm afternoons spent in the garden.

Instead of a classic plant pot think of wicker baskets. They look chic, vintage and so girly! You can hang them, and save some floor space, as well! 


Step three: Summer DIY Projects

Use these joyful warm days to the maximum and pour some of your creativity into making simple yet strikingly beautiful home decorations. Start with the classics homemade flower pots and vases. Then picture your magical fairy garden on top. Read this and make it so! Repeating after Audrey Hepburn, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”, so wait no longer to plant yours.  If you are a fan of terrariums here are some truly inspiring ideas & instructions for making one.  


Step four:  Spruce up with colors and patterns

Floral wallpapers, colorful cushions and blankets will look smashing against a neutral couch. After all, what better time to go wild with flowers than summer?

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