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50+ Outstanding Examples of Landscape Photography

Aspen Cathedral

Blue shade and a golden canopy form the stained glass of a natural autumn cathedral

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I want to show you a breathtaking collection of landscape photography. Hopefully, these pictures will be enough to get you moving (if not, you can put your camera on Ebay – you don’t need it anyway).

But before you go out to take pictures, don’t forget that an important element of landscape photography is the light to the scenery. It’s best to take photos at dusk or dawn with low angle light. This light renders the landscape with low contrast and sidelight giving a nice feeling of depth. Also, low contrast allows to capture more details.

Unfortunately, the perfect light goes away very quickly, so be sure to find the right angle in advance. When you’re done, come back and post your results in our comment section!

via gencept.com

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