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A Time-lapse and stop motion project by James Florio





A Time-lapse and stop motion is project created for the Hotel Elqui Domos in Pisco Elqui Chile. Over 6 months, 23,000+ photos and 300GB of time-lapse went into this project.  Project is commissioned by Elqui Domos, Designed, shot, and edited by James Florio.

James Florio is photographer from Denver Colorado, and after traveling for the last 12 years through a large part of the world, living and shooting, and especially working with NGO´s, he settled down for a bit to rest and be a little more stable in Santiago Chile.  His brother has lived here for more than 5 years and after many visits, he decided about 2 years ago to come and stay for a while. Santiago kind of has a reputation for trapping Americans! He loves architecture and nature and when the 2 can mix so well together it can be really amazing.  Along with my brother he has been able to explore some new facets, like video. They just wrote and produced their first full length feature which should be ready for release end of the 2013. He guess he is just really motivated to see new spaces, places, and people, and work on new types of projects, pushing his own limits of creativity. All that kind of leads he along through life!

Here is what James Florio said about his fantastic project:

” I have been living in Chile for a about 2 years and had photographed an amazing hotel in Pisco Eqlui for the owners.
They then approached me looking for a video, but they wanted the same type of video as the photos, which lead to the idea of using Timelapse to capture the stars and the beauty of one of the clearest skies in the world.
So I shot on various trips over 6 months and took 23,000+ photos (in the final cut there is about 10,000 or so) and I think the result is a pretty unique publicity spot  for them, and an amazing experience for me, passing many long and beautiful  nights alone (and with the model-my girlfriend Carolina)  below the stars with my camera. A few night in the off season they where doing construction and we had the whole hotel to ourselves, amazing!! “

James Florio Photogrpahy, jamesflorio.com

Los Domos, Pisco Elqui Chile, elquidomos.cl/


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