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Breathtaking Multicolored Infrared Landscapes

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Thanks to the color-altering technology known as infrared, we’ve seen the war-torn Congo as a vibrant pink escape and the city of Kiev transformed into an icy winter wonderland. There’s something about infrared photography that is endlessly captivating and France-based photographer David Keochkerian’s Infrared series is no exception. Rather than sticking to one color scheme, Keochkerian’s collection of fascinating shots depicts several landscapes in an almost alien variety of color combinations.

The natural greens found in any given verdant landscape is automatically revamped as golden yellows, frosty whites, sapphire blues, and radiant pinks. The sky and water is also given the infrared makeover, complementing the setting’s new eye-popping color palette. The juxtaposition of blue blades of grass against an orange sky is an unnatural yet eye-catching occurrence. More than just the color changes of the seasons, Keochkerian’s captured landscapes are like something straight out of a science fiction novel.

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