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Camera-Shy Girlfriend Hides From Her Photographer Boyfriend!

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Some people can’t get enough of having their photos taken. Photographer Mikaël Theimer‘s girlfriend is the opposite. She’s extremely camera shy, so it’s difficult for Theimer to get any photo of her smiling and looking into his camera.

That doesn’t stop Theimer from trying, though, and over time an unusual photo project was born.

“I love my girlfriend, and I’m a photographer, so I love to take pictures of my girlfriend, right? Problem is, she hates it when I do: whenever I raise my camera and point it to her, she finds a way to hide her face,” the Montréal-based photographer writes at Bored Panda.

His series of portraits show his efforts at trying and failing to get a good shot of his girlfriend.

You can find more of Theimer’s work on his photography website here.

Image credits: Photographs by Mikaël Theimer.


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