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Chasing Waves by Kenji Croman

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Now I want to present you Kenji Croman , a wave photographer who lives in Hawaii. When I first saw his photographs, I was thrilled and amazed with his approach to nature. Waves, sun, water, is there anything more wonderful? You immediately wish to be there, to enjoy and admire to the beauty of  mother nature.  So I’m going to get at least one of this fascinating and inspiring photos, put it on my wall, so every boring and rainy day , will be shiny and delightful just when I look into this photos!

Kenji quickly discovered his passion for capturing the beauty of the world through his camera.  Kenji says : “My art is my photography, it’s my voice.”  We have listed below some noteworthy achievements to demonstrate the seriousness with which he approach his work:

  1. Recently featured on CNN
  2. Currently featured in the Innov8 Magazine
  3. Featured on
  4. Featured on
  5. Mentioned by LA Times Photography
  6. Featured Front Page artist on, one of the most popular and famous surfing websites
  7. 12 page article in the upcoming Digital Photographer Magazine – Europe
  8. Front Cover prints for Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages for 3 years in a row with millions of front cover copies printed in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaiian islands.

What Kenji says about his work?

The Goal

My goal is to travel with my wife to South America and photograph some of the worlds most beautiful and untouched waves…Most of the waves in South America that I plan to go to have never been seen because of their remote locations, and they certainly have not been photographed the way I would like to do it. Different beaches have different breaks, and each wave is unique. With my experience and my unique style as an artist, I’m confident I’ll be able to photograph these stunning waves in a creative and picturesque way. I also am eager to print these images on metal print, which holds the vibrant colors and gives the images a distinct and realistic feel. I’m looking forward to the adventure and challenge.


My inspiration has always been the ocean. For most of my life I’ve been a bodysurfer, always trying to find the best waves to catch around the island and even on other islands. I learned that each wave is unique, and there have been hundreds of times I’ve been in a beautiful barrel thinking to myself, “this is amazing, I wish my friends and family could see this!”

In 2003, I was eating dinner at Jamesons By The Sea. They had a large photo of a wave in their restaurant, it must have been at least 5ft high and 7 ft wide. It was such a beautiful shot and they were selling it! The photo was thousands of dollars and at the time I was broke. I remember wanting that photo so bad too.

A few years later I moved to South East Asia where I discovered my true passion, photography and in 2006 I bought my first waterhousing and since then I’ve been trying to capture some of the most amazing shots for people to enjoy. I try to think outside the box by using different techniques and styles, different lighting, different angles.


View More Photos and Connect with Kenji:


Twitter: @kenjisphotos

Facebook: WavePhotos

Kickstarter Page: Chasing Waves

“Photography is my music, my poem, my art.” ~ Kenji Croman

(via Kick Starter)


P.S. Kenji says, he is going to sign some photos and he will mail it to me!  Thank you so much!  Can’t wait  to get it yay!

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