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Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures

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Most of us have mothers that took our baby photos while we were in the tub naked. It was cute back then, but fast forward 15-20 years later when your friends came over and opened your family’s photo album, well, you know. Some mothers, however, are more creative (and more mindful of their future teenagers!)

Photographer Queenie Liao, mother of three, has created a series called Wengenn in Wonderland. It rides on the popular trend of taking a sleeping baby and creating amazing art around him/her. For Queenie, she arranges everyday objects like clothes, blankets, sheets, and toys to create imaginative scenarios involving her napping son, Wengenn.

Some of the cute photos she’s taken involve Wengenn becoming Tarzan, having a dinner date with a teddy bear, or being the top prize in an arcade claw machine.


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