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Here’s a fun (and free!) – Cool Bokeh Filters!

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Here’s a fun (and free!) diy to make picture taking a little more fun! I was procrastinating on folding our laundry last night, and remembered this simple project I saw on Color Me Katie about two years ago. You can purchase bokeh filters, but you can very easily and quickly make your own.

You’ll need:
•A camera with a large aperture lens
•Cardstock, or other thick paper

1. Cut out a circle the size of your lens.
2. Cut out your desired shape on the middle of the circle, don’t make it too big.
3. Tape it to your lens.
4. Set your camera to it’s lowest aperture value (mine was set at 1.8), make sure the lights aren’t in focus, and take your picture! It’d be cute to have someone in focus on the foreground, with little dancing trees in the background. I’ll have to try this when Jacob is awake and willing to participate in picture taking.


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