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When you let her lead you through life

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Some men like to be dominant and be “the man” but Russian photograph and movie producer Murad Osmann doesn’t have this problem.

From East to the West, Murad’s better half Natalia Zakharova led him all around the world and he caught it on camera.
Never facing the camera, she leads him to some of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth as well as her own body (sometimes).

Murad Osmann, executive producer of the movie company Hype Productions started this journey October 2011 in Barcelona. Since then, he traveled dozens of cities from Moscow to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali.
Murad said that his girlfriend Natalia, journalist from Moscow, was his inspiration for this unusual collection.
“First photograph was made while we were on vacation in Barcelona. Natalia didn’t want me to photograph her anymore so she pulled my hand. That didn’t keep me from photographing her from that perspective and that’s how it all started. Somebody would say that I have a lot of free time, but we actually travel for about three or four days at a time because I work a lot. At first, I took pictures with my phone but now I use whatever i have in my hand and I try not to edit the pictures or make just subtle adjustments”, he said.
Murad published dozens of these photographs on his Instagram page that has more than 50.000 followers already and counting.

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